9/10 "Settlers is one of those beautifully cinematic records - evocative and rich, it kinda gets under your skin until you just go with it." - DROWNED IN SOUND

"The music penetrates each living cell and every atom, evading all analysis and feels so very raw and special" - HEADPHONE COMMUTE 

"Sometimes you stumble on a record that you never want to give up or forget. The new album from Western Skies Motel is just such an album." - DAS FILTER 

" album that dwells in the twilight of a brooding dusk, a bruised and sullen sky where storm clouds gather and stillness forebodes." -STATIONARY TRAVELS 

"... murmuring lullabies drowning in the red sky." -FOREIGN ACCENTS 

"There is an ancient and mysterious quality to the music from the start. Tape decay and flutter produces wrinkles in the perceived time continuum." -WAJOBU 

"... the recording tangentially calls to mind Glass-styled minimalism, while the spidery timbre of the strings suggests a Flamenco connection." - TEXTURA

"...a prickly sea of drone, no longer a sequence of events threaded into a virtuoso ribbon, but a liquid consciousness of constant, activated instinct." - ATTN: MAGAZINE

"It speaks in rich tones with deep resonance and luminous brightness articulated by skillful hands."- STATIONARY TRAVELS


"... in these releases, he’s found that elusive vein of gold" - A CLOSER LISTEN

"...every now and then there is a guitarist who can interest and draw into his world of sounds." -  NOWAMUZYKA

"...(the) electric guitar-inflected psychedelia of “Myriads” distances itself dramatically from anything one might label acoustic guitar-based folk" - TEXTURA

"Serene musical landscapes pass behind the closed eyes when listening to the soothing and contemplative tracks." - DARAGE BANG

"Each piece has a life-like quality to it, as if you can hear the music breathing..." - YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS

"Reflections is a beautiful collection of tunes that aims to awaken the deeper aspects of how we sense and relate to things around us." - SPHERE MUSIC